My name is Denis Legashov,
I have been programming for 18 years.

I live in Kiev, Ukraine, a country with the best programming outsourcing.

Among my key specializations there are:
Ajax B2B B2C B2E backend back-end billing system CMS Coyote Point CSS dedicated team DHTML DOM E-Business eCommerce E-Commerce Enterprise Application Services Enterprise Resource Planning ERP frontend front-end High Load Web Project high-load web HTML Integration Internet Payment Processing JavaScript jQuery Layer 7 Proxy MySQL Online Payment PHP Social Network SQL Sybase System Analysis Web 2.0 Web Hosting webasyst XHTML XML XSL XSLT etc.

I am founder and owner of IPservice Group company , among the key services there are:
- Web development
- Computer equipment service and delivery;
- A specialized equipment (GPS systems, communication facilities) delivery from Taiwan and India-China, with the companies logo laying upon request;
- Companies Internet representative offices creation;
- Collocation (firm`s servers disposition at the datacenter);
- Internet resources administration;
- Creation and administration of the own IP addresses zones. AS Management (AS is an Autonomous System. To manage AS means an assignment of the reserve Internet routes to Your datacenter or to the group of servers);
- Installation and counting of SCN (Structured Cable Networks);
- Software development, including drivers for the different types of equipment (PIC-controllers, ARM processors);
- Procuring companies with an equipment for on-line conferences and webinars carrying out;
- Construction of the secured communication channels based on the own development (Chaotic);
- Data storage security planning and ensuring;
- Databases creation, with the amount of simultaneous queries starting from 1 Mio to 100 Mio per minute;
- GPS tracking of the company`s transport movements;
- Personnel recruitment;
- Company`s money flows` processing (Internet - acquiring, investments, plastic accessories procurement).

I am very pleased meeting this useful forum, which I am sure is a perfect source for professional development.
My skype is: stonefieldskype