Pozdrav is "Greetings" in croatian

My name is Daniel Orsolic and i am graduate of school for electronic engineering and 19 years old. After discovering open source and free software movement i was totaly hooked into it becoming it's enthusiast. Since i was planning to start an online enedevour checking on some ideas, researching open source/free software movement gave me what i considered the best idea. It was starting a community center for open source/free software community worldwide and for anyone that has any interest i it. The idea led to the planning and finally a realization.

Besides all that i am an independant electronic music producer presenting the music online under the alias "cosmicall".
My main interests are computer technology, open source and free software movement, online business, web development, philosophy, science fiction (especially star trek) and so on.

Anyway, that's about it for my intro.