Ok well the title says it all. A team Caller Vldr' keeps bullying me... now all these kids think there so tough saying how they have the best team ever and all that shit..

[1/15/2011 8:44:20 PM] - [J vldr`] -: ZAK COMEE JOIN YEAH AND I WILL END U

[1/15/2011 8:42:58 PM] - [Rem0te vldr`] - lindsay <3: Your a no-one understand we rule you, get your whole team in a call

[1/15/2011 8:42:58 PM] - [Rem0te vldr`] - lindsay <3: We RULE all other teams pointblank bruv.

Thats what they think ... There always on skype aswell... I just need one experienced hacker or a team to be in... Thanks guys.. Btw I code :P C++ Java C# . Thanks guys.