Hi every one ! This is Kalpesh Sharma. I am here with you to answer all your questions on hacking. Many peoples send me mail through email to discuss several hacking related queries. I am thankfull to Mr. Shabbir who has given this platform for further discussion. So, Let's move on by sharing knowledge between each others!

An Introduction: Something About me.

I am writing articles for various news papers, websites and media agencies. I am an Information Security Expert, Writer as well as Technical Intelligence Expert. To know more about my expertise and national level(india) achievements google for ‘kalpesh sharma’ and go through first thirty searches. I am one who had hacked all indian websites all once at a time live on air in front of camera with a challenge that I can prove that world’s every website can be hacked. Source - IndiaTV Breaking & Exclusive News, 3rd August 2006. I have also innovated Techno-Physical Intelligence Methods and Techniques used for exclusive and breaking news only.

My Website URL: http://www.esnips.com/web/shriganesh33sbusinessfiles

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