Each human cell contains 75 megabytes of genetic information, thus one sperm is 37.5 megabytes.
One milliliter of semen contains 100 million of sperms.
During ejaculation, lasting at average of 5 seconds, will release about 2.25 ml of semen.
By calculation we find that the data bitrate of the male speerm is (37.5 M x 100M x 2.25) / 5 = 1687.5 terabytes per second.
As result, we found that womens' eggs are able to withstand DDoS attacks with a strenght of more than 1.5 petabytes per second, yet pass a single data packet. Thus it is the most robust hardware firewall in the world.
But this one packet, which pass, will shutdown your whole system for 9months.

Some biology basics are required to uderstand this