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Let me tell you how. I phoned up Pizza Hut to deliver me a pizza at my residence. I tried to explain how to reach my residence. To my surprise, I was told that they knew all the details of
access to my residence.

On inquiry, they said they knew all the details. How? Someone from my residence used to get pizza regularly. On seeing my phone number on computer, they knew all details about my residence, family members, etc.
yes, many of such service providers are tracking each and every detail they can get
in the name of better customer service they are taking away our privacy
no time soon we may notice what's shown in hollywood movies

in this digital world, nothing is personal, nothing is secure

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hehehe....some day you'll feel hungry and you'll get a call. Hi senaratne, you are hungry? And you were thinking to call us for pizza? Cool. We have sent you a Large Cheesy Extreme Veggie Pan pizza and since you don't like olives we have replaced it with tomatoes. You'll be getting it in two minutes *ting...Open door* Hi here's your pizza..
"How do you know all this?"
"It's all in the mind...."
is there some problem.. coz I noticed for few of your posts that they are appearing twice