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Yes i am believe in god
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Yes I believe in One God who is the owner of all human beings in this universe . All humans are believers of God who is the Mighty Power.
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of course. God is the reason why we're here.
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to me, god is of something outside of human understanding and/or too complex....the term GOD might be in itself too simplistic of a term to even call "GOD" God...... but the existence of an omnipotent entity whether it be a body or system of bodies interconnected sounds like something i could believe in...
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Do you believe in GOD ?
As we know every thing is created by creator so similarly Allah Suhan O Tala create us and only Allah is our God.....
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Yes i believe in God.
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yes, i believe.
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i believe there is something out there, a "Person" more powerful than us
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i believe in god........
Obviously, God wants us to be a happy, satisfied people. We shouldn’t be restless & jealous...
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yes , i beleive in god.