View Poll Results: Best Antivirus You prefer
Norton 9 50.00%
Bitdefender 4 22.22%
AVG 3 16.67%
NOD32 1 5.56%
F-Secure 1 5.56%
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Hi naimish!
I think you are wrong! Have you ever used norton in a P4 pc which has not a good configuration!
If not then check it that after installing norton are u able to do some work in that pc!
I think NORTON is most bad, I can tell u some viruses which are not detected by norton "lax.exe","avg,vbs" etc.
And kaspersky is so difficult to use and for me it has never crashed a pc even it is a P3!

nortan is bad i agree, kaspersky is confusing, but its good. I have been using it... It blocked things even from the sites on its own...
First of all I really hate this sentences I think you are wrong!

See, this all is depends on someone personal choice and you can't force them. You like Kaspersky, which is as said....confusing. I have used Norton in P4 too, and all I can say is, it's working fine till now. and Yes, I am still able to do my work, even I can run VS.NET in my system.

The disadvantage is only that it's decreases the speed of start-up, and if it have slow down your PC then change the configuration.

The viruses not detected by norton like "lax.exe","avg,vbs" etc. then I can say No One Is Perfect. May you could have report this to Norton.

In Kaspersky, I found much difficulties, if I tell you, after installing it, it got crash my pc, I had to format my PC, that's why I don't like Kaspersky.

Depends on person to person.
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Depends on person to person.
naimish like this
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I use Bitdefender
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Please add Kaspersky to the the poll options!
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I am using nod32 right now. Well, if all are free I would definitely use Norton AntiVirus.
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Originally Posted by indiansword View Post
My vote for AVAST [thought it isnt included in the list].

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i would prefer AVAST...
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I used Norton. It's good but will use a certain part of system resource. I just installed a fire wall and don't use antivirus any more.
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I think,Quick Heal antivirus the best antivirus solution like antispam, anti spyware that ensures complete virus protection to your business from viruses.
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I am pleased by Comodo Internet Security Pro 2011

All-in-One Protection Features
Comodo Antivirus Cleans Malware
Comodo Firewall Protection
Defense+ Host Intrusion Protection
Auto Sandbox Technology™
TrustConnect™ Wi-Fi Data Encryption
Remote Security & System Support
Virus-Free Guarantee

and it is very cheap only $49.99/year