Good morning, all of you know about the words 7 wonders, in fact, we mean the 7 most famous sites of the history. The biggest part of you knows also that only one of them,the big Giza pyramid lasts till our days. Nowadays an international commission of experts is collecting the result of a big poll via internet and phone to select the new list of the 7 modern world wonders. The official website is, and after 2200 years we will have our own list. Personally I am a big fan of Angkor Wat. The masterpiece of the khmer culture. I visited Cambodia before but I wanna go soon again so I was looking for informations about Angkor Wat . I hope that the day that I will go comes quickly because I really need to be there. Maybe when I am back i can write a blog about it. For now I just want that Angkor goes on the list. If you like Angkor, go to the website and express your preference. seeya. Ken