*NEW SECURITY UPDATE* [thankx to everyone ]

hey everyone, i managed to put up something temporary for security
but this could be used long term as well
but this is server side
it's simply adding up a number defined by the script
anynumber the user like
use the following function

PHP Code:
    function addKey($str,$key){
$c str_split($str);
$s "";
$s .= intval((intval($c[$i])+$key));
using it;

PHP Code:
$pwd $_POST['pass'];
$key 59;
"Recieved Password : $pwd <br />";
"Key : $key <br />";
$chd addKey($pwd,$key);
"Chaned Password : $chd <br />"
And also i updated the scripts, so please redownload the zip file
and the demo is also updated


this is not a very g00d implementation, but hope it would be okay to prevent from bruteforcers