We use Winsock to establish connection between client and server.
Well it isnt the only way, and i believe not the easiest way either.

This is the beginning of everything in the computer of today's !!!
Incorrect, a computer starts with a Motherboard. When you replace Computer with programming, you are incorrect again. You dont start with one of the hardest things, you start off easy.

The net is the most power tools of the programmers and you must learning to use it.
That whole sentence just Doesn't not make any sense, at all. Did you write it in your own language, and let some sort of online translator translate it for you?

In this article we will see how to create a simple chat program. The chat program will be just a server and a client, that you can connect from the internet ( or LAN ) and simply exchange text messages.
That must be the best sentence in the whole story!
What if two clients connect?
Scripting like this