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Computer users consistently use very simplistic logic when creating passwords. For example, many of us choose meaningful words, personal dates, or a word commonly found in the dictionary because it makes the password easy to remember. These common practices cause us to sacrifice the security that...
1. Same process as a MS Word document. From Excel, fire up the VB editor (ALT+F11). 2. The Visual Basic interface will open up. From the INSERT menu, click on MODULE to add a module. 3. A new document opens up. In there, paste the following code: Sub RemoveHyperLinksGLobally() Dim i As...
Tired of getting Microsoft Office documents (Word, Excel, Powerpoint) that are chock-full of hyperlinks that are bright blue and easy to accidentally click, making Word goes berserk and open the link? You can easily remove all those pesky URLs with a simple macro to remove all the hyperlinks...
Would you like to have a Mac look on your Windows machine? Skins and themes would be nice, but there's more to that when you want to REALLY emulate a Mac OSX interface entirely. There are plenty of programs available to emulate specific features of OSX, e.g. Finder, icons, etc. Find more Mac icons...
Place the following in a file titled ls.bat: @echo off dir %* /n/p or under Windows 98 since %* and /n are not supported: @echo off dir %1 %2 %3 %4 %5 %6 %7 %8 %9 /w/p
CD-ROM and DVD-ROM drives can revert to using PIO mode, despite being set to use 'DMA if Available.' Here's how to make Windows XP redetect the DMA capabilities of the drives. This behaviour occurs with the following conditions: Windows XP is the operating system A CD-ROM or DVD-ROM drive,...
Would you like your email client to automatically convert all HTML email that is sent to you, into plain text? First, this is secure as many of the worms and bugs rely on HTML script code. One good example could be the needless advertisements or images sent inside spam (junk) emails. When you so...
Vista and Mac whos better? No one really knows but what's true is that Vista has a lot of new applications and cool new features but the problem are the rumors which say that Vista is a Mac rip off. Instant Search and Spotlight First lets start with the search tool. As we all know Apple...
Word's Click And Type feature allows you to begin typing anywhere on a blank page. You must first enable this feature before you can use it. Just follow these simple steps: Go to Tools | Options. On the Edit tab, select the Enable Click And Type check box in the Click And Type section, and...
This article focuses mainly on uninstalling things such as windows messenger, WordPad and other similar components that cannot be uninstalled by any normal means. To normally remove XP utilities and components, you would normally go to control panel>add or remove programs>add/remove windows...
Are you tired of seeing the Outlook Express splash screen everytime you start it? Here's how you can stop it. 1. Open your registry by clicking on Start > Run > Type: "regedit" and find or create the key below. 2. Create a new DWORD Value called 'NoSplash' in the key: . 3. Change the value to...
When in trouble on Windows you need to boot into the "Safe Mode", where you have to boot the machine, then pounce on the F8 key to get to the hidden menu etc etc. Here’s how to simply add the Safe Mode to the Windows boot menu so you can easily select it while starting your machine. Some simple...
A topic of frequent discussion and concern in many online forums is Microsoft’s Product Activation, which is not limited to Windows XP, it is now required for many Microsoft products (e.g. MS Office). Note: This will not enable you to install your copy of Windows XP on a different computer and...
"How Can I Change My Documents Folder Path To a My Documents Folder On My Other Drive?". Now you may ask yourself why would anyone need to know that? Well, I just realized after restoring my computer that since almost all my business, personal, ideas, pictures, movies whatever is all stored in...
I am having a dial-up connection at home and I noticed the Windows Update service downloading updates, thereby consuming a big chunk of my valuable bandwidth, I was wondering how could I stop it, I opened the task manager and killed the process named wuauclt.exe but it kept on coming back. I...
It's a very common problem that many newbies almost always ignore to correct; that when you try to the Disk Cleanup tool, it may stop responding after giving these messages: Disk Cleanup is calculating how much space you will be able to free on (C:). This may take a few minutes to...
Here are a few Windows Explorer shortcuts which we all can put to some use. Move backward to a previous view. => ALT+LEFT ARROW Move forward to a previous view. => ALT+RIGHT ARROW View the folder one level up. => BACKSPACE Copy a file. => CTRL while dragging the...
Lock XP Workstation You can lock your XP workstation with two clicks of the mouse. Create a new shortcut on your desktop using a right mouse click, and enter 'rundll32.exe user32.dll, LockWorkStation' in the location field. Give the shortcut a name you like. That's it -- just double click on it...