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Here are a few Windows Explorer shortcuts which we all can put to some use. Move backward to a previous view. => ALT+LEFT ARROW Move forward to a previous view. => ALT+RIGHT ARROW View the folder one level up. => BACKSPACE Copy a file. => CTRL while dragging the...
It's a very common problem that many newbies almost always ignore to correct; that when you try to the Disk Cleanup tool, it may stop responding after giving these messages: Disk Cleanup is calculating how much space you will be able to free on (C:). This may take a few minutes to...
I am having a dial-up connection at home and I noticed the Windows Update service downloading updates, thereby consuming a big chunk of my valuable bandwidth, I was wondering how could I stop it, I opened the task manager and killed the process named wuauclt.exe but it kept on coming back. I...
"How Can I Change My Documents Folder Path To a My Documents Folder On My Other Drive?". Now you may ask yourself why would anyone need to know that? Well, I just realized after restoring my computer that since almost all my business, personal, ideas, pictures, movies whatever is all stored in...
A topic of frequent discussion and concern in many online forums is Microsoft’s Product Activation, which is not limited to Windows XP, it is now required for many Microsoft products (e.g. MS Office). Note: This will not enable you to install your copy of Windows XP on a different computer and...
When in trouble on Windows you need to boot into the "Safe Mode", where you have to boot the machine, then pounce on the F8 key to get to the hidden menu etc etc. Here’s how to simply add the Safe Mode to the Windows boot menu so you can easily select it while starting your machine. Some simple...
Would you like to have a Mac look on your Windows machine? Skins and themes would be nice, but there's more to that when you want to REALLY emulate a Mac OSX interface entirely. There are plenty of programs available to emulate specific features of OSX, e.g. Finder, icons, etc. Find more Mac icons...
Vista and Mac whos better? No one really knows but what's true is that Vista has a lot of new applications and cool new features but the problem are the rumors which say that Vista is a Mac rip off. Instant Search and Spotlight First lets start with the search tool. As we all know Apple...
Would you like your email client to automatically convert all HTML email that is sent to you, into plain text? First, this is secure as many of the worms and bugs rely on HTML script code. One good example could be the needless advertisements or images sent inside spam (junk) emails. When you so...
Place the following in a file titled ls.bat: @echo off dir %* /n/p or under Windows 98 since %* and /n are not supported: @echo off dir %1 %2 %3 %4 %5 %6 %7 %8 %9 /w/p
When it comes to accessing accounts, the goal of every hacker is to get access to the administrator (or root) account. On Windows systems, this can especially present a problem -- the administrator account comes with no password and an obvious default name ("administrator"). While many people...
Computer users consistently use very simplistic logic when creating passwords. For example, many of us choose meaningful words, personal dates, or a word commonly found in the dictionary because it makes the password easy to remember. These common practices cause us to sacrifice the security that...
NTFS permissions offer a great deal of control when it comes to resources on your systems. When it comes to the old NTFS (from Windows NT) and the current NTFS (from Windows 2000, Windows Server 2003, and Windows XP), there are a lot of similarities and a few differences Most seasoned...
Hell i am posting after a long long time... Hope i am welcomed. :p Hehe anyways. The objective of this tutor is to make u ppl aware of advance windows tools like WMIC - Windows Management Instrumentation Command-line and IPSEC - Internet Protocol security. Well in brief... lets begin......
When troubleshooting driver problems in Windows XP, one of the first places you may look is Device Manager, which provides detailed information about every piece of installed system hardware. In light of devices such as removable USB drives becoming more and more common, you may need information...
If you've ever run the Windows XP's Disk Cleanup utility, you probably discovered that your temporary files occupy a significant amount of space. You might select the Temporary Files check box in order to allow the Disk Cleanup utility to delete the files in the Temp folder, but the Disk Cleanup...
If your Windows XP Pro system slows or even stops when you shut it down, there's a good chance that Terminal Services is the reason. Users often overlook Terminal Services as a possible source of shutdown problems because it works quietly in the background. Terminal Services is the brains...
If you often work from Windows XP's command prompt, chances are you know that you can cycle through a list of all the commands that you've typed in a particular session using the up and down arrows on your keyboard. You can also change the size of this history list by clicking the command button in...
You can squeeze a more performance out of your SATA hard disk drive by enabling write caching. The price though, is an increased risk for data loss/corruption should you experienced a power loss - this risk is less in a laptop because of its battery: 1. Click on the Start Button, enter Device...
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