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This tweak improves ur b/w in windows.... Windows uses 20% of your bandwidth Here's how to Get it back A nice little tweak for XP. Microsoft reserve 20% of your available bandwidth for their own purposes (suspect for updates and interrogating your machine etc..) Here's how to get it back:...
Clean uo ur system TEMP, RECENT, HISTORY, TEMPRORY INTERNET FILES, & PREFETCH files Via a simple Batch File Copy This Coading To Notepad And save it as Cleanup.bat Please Note ALWAYS RUN THIS FILE FROM SYSTEM DESKTOP @echo Off @Title Ghost Nt Cleaning System File @ @cd\
For many years, UNIX and Linux administrators have enjoyed the power of grep. In UNIX-land, grep means "search globally for lines matching the expression and print the lines." The Windows Server 2003 Resource Kit includes a utility called qgrep that brings this functionality to Windows Server 2003....
Some Useful Shortcut Commands Accessibility Controls access.cpl Add Hardware Wizard hdwwiz.cpl Add/Remove Programs appwiz.cpl
Shutdown and Restart Timer Script using batch file. Copy All Code On Notepad And Save As Timer.bat @cd\ @echo off @title Nt Shutdown / Restart Timer Script @color 60 :ch3 goto about goto menu
The command processor CMD.EXE comes with a mini-calculator that can perform simple arithmetic on 32-bit signed integers: C:\>set /a 2+2 4 C:\>set /a 2*(9/2) 8 C:\>set /a (2*9)/2 9 C:\>set /a "31>>2" 7
The Parental Controls in Windows Vista lets you easily control what your child can or cannot do, and monitor his/her activities using the built-in reports. Step 1: Create An User Account For Your Child Parental controls work by placing restrictions on a user account. Creating an...
Windows Vista works in the background to automatically index all the files in the Start Menu, user profile folders and files setup for offline access by default. If you have many files in these locations and the files change often, the indexing service may slow down your system's performance....
Want to see the size of your folders and not just files in your Windows XP Explorer listings? If you are interested, Sequoia View is a very useful tool to do some nifty things with your folders. Other than that, this following note is now showing its age. If sorting and such is not necessary, a...
By sharing a folder in Windows XP Professional, it usually means that you want network users to be able to find and access the folder in the My Network Places tool. If you want to share a folder with only certain users, you can use the Net command line tool to essentially hide your computer and...
You can squeeze a more performance out of your SATA hard disk drive by enabling write caching. The price though, is an increased risk for data loss/corruption should you experienced a power loss - this risk is less in a laptop because of its battery: 1. Click on the Start Button, enter Device...
Your Windows XP system probably has the Browse Folders setting configured to Open Each Folder In The Same Window in the Folder Options dialog box. However, sometimes you may wish to open a folder in a separate window. For example, you may want to have two windows open in order to use drag and drop...
If you want Numlock to stay On or Off at startup, you can do that with a registry edit. Navigate to HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Control Panel\Keyboard\InitialKeyboardIndicators and the change the value to 0 if you want Numlock enabled at starup, and 2 to have it enabled at startup. ...
If you often work from Windows XP's command prompt, chances are you know that you can cycle through a list of all the commands that you've typed in a particular session using the up and down arrows on your keyboard. You can also change the size of this history list by clicking the command button in...
If your Windows XP Pro system slows or even stops when you shut it down, there's a good chance that Terminal Services is the reason. Users often overlook Terminal Services as a possible source of shutdown problems because it works quietly in the background. Terminal Services is the brains...
If you've ever run the Windows XP's Disk Cleanup utility, you probably discovered that your temporary files occupy a significant amount of space. You might select the Temporary Files check box in order to allow the Disk Cleanup utility to delete the files in the Temp folder, but the Disk Cleanup...
When troubleshooting driver problems in Windows XP, one of the first places you may look is Device Manager, which provides detailed information about every piece of installed system hardware. In light of devices such as removable USB drives becoming more and more common, you may need information...
When it comes to accessing accounts, the goal of every hacker is to get access to the administrator (or root) account. On Windows systems, this can especially present a problem -- the administrator account comes with no password and an obvious default name ("administrator"). While many people...
Hell i am posting after a long long time... Hope i am welcomed. :p Hehe anyways. The objective of this tutor is to make u ppl aware of advance windows tools like WMIC - Windows Management Instrumentation Command-line and IPSEC - Internet Protocol security. Well in brief... lets begin......
NTFS permissions offer a great deal of control when it comes to resources on your systems. When it comes to the old NTFS (from Windows NT) and the current NTFS (from Windows 2000, Windows Server 2003, and Windows XP), there are a lot of similarities and a few differences Most seasoned...