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SEH stands for Structured Exception Handler as the name suggests it is used to handle exceptions and change the course program towards the code pointed by it...(You’ll get clear image of it.. In the following article..)Its a software method of exception handling... and can handle both software and...
Remove MSN Instant Messenger Program Some of us just don't like to use this IM program. I myself have looked in the Add/Remove Program panel and can't find any way to remove it there. I found out how to do it with a little research. Just go to Start->Run and type in rundll32...
Important note: I cannot be held responsible when these files or your AV scanner in combination with these files cause any damage to your computer. YOU DOWNLOAD THESE FILES AT YOUR OWN RISK. Download these files only if you are sufficiently secure in the usage of...
Ever wish you could make one of your computer's drives invisible to anyone snooping around on your system? Well, happy days are here my friend! Whether you have sensitive docs, pictures, or any other private data, this is one of the easiest ways to keep them safe. Keep in mind that you'll still be...
INTRODUCTION Many of us would have used a local webserver for designing websites or for previewing. This is where the 'localhost' comes. We always give http://localhost or to tell the browser to take the files from the local web server instead of going into the internet. How and...
By sharing a folder in Windows XP Professional, it usually means that you want network users to be able to find and access the folder in the My Network Places tool. If you want to share a folder with only certain users, you can use the Net command line tool to essentially hide your computer and...
Introduction VMware’s applications are very powerful. They are useful in many ways. In this tutorial we are going to see the power of VMware ThinApp. ThinApp is used to create standalone portable programs. Tools required VMware ThinApp – can be downloaded from This is...
Tired of getting Microsoft Office documents (Word, Excel, Powerpoint) that are chock-full of hyperlinks that are bright blue and easy to accidentally click, making Word goes berserk and open the link? You can easily remove all those pesky URLs with a simple macro to remove all the hyperlinks...
If your Windows XP Pro system slows or even stops when you shut it down, there's a good chance that Terminal Services is the reason. Users often overlook Terminal Services as a possible source of shutdown problems because it works quietly in the background. Terminal Services is the brains...
Would you like to have a Mac look on your Windows machine? Skins and themes would be nice, but there's more to that when you want to REALLY emulate a Mac OSX interface entirely. There are plenty of programs available to emulate specific features of OSX, e.g. Finder, icons, etc. Find more Mac icons...
Refer to Making XP better (Part 1) as well. 1. Annoying scroll in Start menu If u install so many programs in ur computer, It'll be updated to ur start menu. If there are more number of programs it'll show in scroll mode(sometimes). ...
NTFS permissions offer a great deal of control when it comes to resources on your systems. When it comes to the old NTFS (from Windows NT) and the current NTFS (from Windows 2000, Windows Server 2003, and Windows XP), there are a lot of similarities and a few differences Most seasoned...
You can save electricity and money and help protect the environment by activating your monitor's "sleep" feature in Windows XP. Activating sleep settings on just one computer prevents approximately 300 pounds of Carbon di-oxide emissions each year. Putting your monitor to "sleep" means allowing...
If you want Numlock to stay On or Off at startup, you can do that with a registry edit. Navigate to HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Control Panel\Keyboard\InitialKeyboardIndicators and the change the value to 0 if you want Numlock enabled at starup, and 2 to have it enabled at startup. ...
Goto-->Run, then type regedit. Navigate to the following Registry key: HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SYSTEM\CurrentControlSet\Control\ Look at the sub-keys and see if a key named StorageDevicePolicies is listed. If it is skip this paragraph and read the next. If it is not create the key by right-clicking...
We all are different. We like different things; we want to be unique and try to avoid the routine. The same things apply to the user-operating system relationship. Windows comes in a rough initial “shape” but not everybody is willing to accept it. So here are some useful changes to make it more...
This article focuses mainly on uninstalling things such as windows messenger, WordPad and other similar components that cannot be uninstalled by any normal means. To normally remove XP utilities and components, you would normally go to control panel>add or remove programs>add/remove windows...
If you've ever run the Windows XP's Disk Cleanup utility, you probably discovered that your temporary files occupy a significant amount of space. You might select the Temporary Files check box in order to allow the Disk Cleanup utility to delete the files in the Temp folder, but the Disk Cleanup...
Introduction Hello Once Aging Guys! :mean: Today I'm going to tell a great thing that will help you to get online while the cable Internet is not available! Procedure