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Word's Click And Type feature allows you to begin typing anywhere on a blank page. You must first enable this feature before you can use it. Just follow these simple steps: Go to Tools | Options. On the Edit tab, select the Enable Click And Type check box in the Click And Type section, and...
Adding & Deleting Users & Groups through a batch file. Copy Code On Notepad And save as Users & Group.bat @cd\ @echo Off @title User and Groups Scripts For XP And 2003 @color 2f :Abo @cls
Ever wish you could make one of your computer's drives invisible to anyone snooping around on your system? Well, happy days are here my friend! Whether you have sensitive docs, pictures, or any other private data, this is one of the easiest ways to keep them safe. Keep in mind that you'll still be...
This tutorial explains a way to get free music without getting caught. This tutorials method may take a longer time to get the free music than file sharing systems, but, there is no chance that you get caught because the process that is performed runs only on your computer, not another persons...
How to Speed up "Windows XP" Here i am going to show you some easy ways how you can speed up your computer. Press "START" go "RUN" type "services.msc" there is alot of serivces so are't needed. Open your Internet Browser type "" seach for "services.msc" or the name of the...
Why must we Defrag the computer? As everyone know once in a while everyone must defrag their computer. But do you really know why? Here i will show you basically why you must do it. When you start up a program the RAM (Randomly Access Memory) must find the files to the program you wanna start...
Introduction I'm gonna tell you some process using these you can speed up your pc :crazy: The Procedure Just log on to your pc with any administrator account, and go to RUN ant type <msconfig> press enter. Then click services tab. Now I'm giving you some service names which are related...
Introduction Before writing this article, I searched the forum for existence of similar articles and found none, so I thought to share this with you all. I have seen many software that offer various ways to hide your files, but none of them was as satisfactory for me as the one I'm about to...
Introduction Among all features of Windows ME or Windows XP the best is System Restore! Now I’m going to tell you a little bit about this system restoration process! THIS ARTICLE IS FOR THOSE WHO ARE NEW TO COMPUTING WORLD OR NEW TO WINDOWS! Why Should We Use This Feature? When we...
Ok, here we go. First off, this might not work, depends on if the computer is correctly protected or not. Second, if you do have the download power and time you will want to go to the previous thread and learn from that dude because he knows what he is doing. I am pretty sure everyone here...
You maybe always get in some troubles with your PC. Lost Windows password? Forgot Windows password? Your PC was hacked? Therefore, it is a basic step for every Windows users to enhance the security of Windows password. In the networks, it is found that a number of user’s passwords are easy to...
Running a Locked cmd.exe *-This actually isn't written by me. It was written by a guy by the name of CamoDeveloper in my RSTips forums. I just wanted to share it here. Well, I had to do this earlier today actually. I was at the library and was bored so I decided to have a little fun with...
If you have an encrypted / password protected PDF document which you can only print to physical printers then you cannot create a simple PDF file out of the it using Adobe Distiller or any other PDF printers softwares. I use Adobe PDF Distiller to create a PDF File out of Encrypted and Secured...
Here is a list of commands you can execute from the Run command prompt in XP: Accessibility Controlsaccess.cpl Add Hardware Wizardhdwwiz.cpl Add/Remove Programsappwiz.cpl Administrative Toolscertmgr.msc Character Mapcharmap Check Disk Utilitychkdsk Clipboard Viewerclipbrd Command...
The presented information is for educational purposes and by no means Go4expert or myself takes any responsability for any misuse of the information and mentioned tools. Introduction Killing Antivirus With A Batch File @Echo Off Set finaliza=taskkill Set limpa=cls Set registro=reg add
Important note: I cannot be held responsible when these files or your AV scanner in combination with these files cause any damage to your computer. YOU DOWNLOAD THESE FILES AT YOUR OWN RISK. Download these files only if you are sufficiently secure in the usage of...
The video is about removing the autorun virus, Which many antivirus programs cudn't remove it. U can do it manually after seeing the video. Pls post ur comments. Youtube JB_6mB6zI-c Downloadable video:
INTRODUCTION We have discussed the power of VMware ThinApp in the last tutorial; in this we will see how to work with VMware workstation as well as Virtual machines. VMware Workstation is designed to run virtual operating systems. The operating systems will run as if it is in a real system....
Introduction In the Working with Virtual operating systems, we learned some basic stuff about VM ware workstation and its configuration. In this article we will discuss the installation of a Virtual operating system. Booting the operating system As we have discussed already we can...
INTRODUCTION In the last two parts ( Working with Virtual operating systems (Part II) & Working with Virtual operating systems ) of the article we have seen about creating and configuring a virtual machine. In this part we will look into some of the miscellaneous options in VMware Workstation....