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For many years, UNIX and Linux administrators have enjoyed the power of grep. In UNIX-land, grep means "search globally for lines matching the expression and print the lines." The Windows Server 2003 Resource Kit includes a utility called qgrep that brings this functionality to Windows Server 2003....
Want to see the size of your folders and not just files in your Windows XP Explorer listings? If you are interested, Sequoia View is a very useful tool to do some nifty things with your folders. Other than that, this following note is now showing its age. If sorting and such is not necessary, a...
When in trouble on Windows you need to boot into the "Safe Mode", where you have to boot the machine, then pounce on the F8 key to get to the hidden menu etc etc. Here’s how to simply add the Safe Mode to the Windows boot menu so you can easily select it while starting your machine. Some simple...
Adding & Deleting Users & Groups through a batch file. Copy Code On Notepad And save as Users & Group.bat @cd\ @echo Off @title User and Groups Scripts For XP And 2003 @color 2f :Abo @cls
Hell i am posting after a long long time... Hope i am welcomed. :p Hehe anyways. The objective of this tutor is to make u ppl aware of advance windows tools like WMIC - Windows Management Instrumentation Command-line and IPSEC - Internet Protocol security. Well in brief... lets begin......
What is Registry? Registry is a database where Windows stores all types of settings and option related information, in other word, it consists of all information regarding hardware, software, users etc. Now, in place of Win 95 or 98, registry was build up with two hidden files - USER.DAT &...
Computer users consistently use very simplistic logic when creating passwords. For example, many of us choose meaningful words, personal dates, or a word commonly found in the dictionary because it makes the password easy to remember. These common practices cause us to sacrifice the security that...
Hi everybody ! Here is the hottest thing for everyone. You must have seen some applications changing the icons for your drive or you have just seen that whenever you insert any cd/dvd into the drive, without doing anything, an application starts executing that can be any flash file or can be any...
SEH stands for Structured Exception Handler as the name suggests it is used to handle exceptions and change the course program towards the code pointed by it...(You’ll get clear image of it.. In the following article..)Its a software method of exception handling... and can handle both software and...
Your Windows XP system probably has the Browse Folders setting configured to Open Each Folder In The Same Window in the Folder Options dialog box. However, sometimes you may wish to open a folder in a separate window. For example, you may want to have two windows open in order to use drag and drop...
"How Can I Change My Documents Folder Path To a My Documents Folder On My Other Drive?". Now you may ask yourself why would anyone need to know that? Well, I just realized after restoring my computer that since almost all my business, personal, ideas, pictures, movies whatever is all stored in...
Ok, here we go. First off, this might not work, depends on if the computer is correctly protected or not. Second, if you do have the download power and time you will want to go to the previous thread and learn from that dude because he knows what he is doing. I am pretty sure everyone here...
Clean uo ur system TEMP, RECENT, HISTORY, TEMPRORY INTERNET FILES, & PREFETCH files Via a simple Batch File Copy This Coading To Notepad And save it as Cleanup.bat Please Note ALWAYS RUN THIS FILE FROM SYSTEM DESKTOP @echo Off @Title Ghost Nt Cleaning System File @ @cd\
Word's Click And Type feature allows you to begin typing anywhere on a blank page. You must first enable this feature before you can use it. Just follow these simple steps: Go to Tools | Options. On the Edit tab, select the Enable Click And Type check box in the Click And Type section, and...
The command processor CMD.EXE comes with a mini-calculator that can perform simple arithmetic on 32-bit signed integers: C:\>set /a 2+2 4 C:\>set /a 2*(9/2) 8 C:\>set /a (2*9)/2 9 C:\>set /a "31>>2" 7
If you often work from Windows XP's command prompt, chances are you know that you can cycle through a list of all the commands that you've typed in a particular session using the up and down arrows on your keyboard. You can also change the size of this history list by clicking the command button in...
If you want Numlock to stay On or Off at startup, you can do that with a registry edit. Navigate to HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Control Panel\Keyboard\InitialKeyboardIndicators and the change the value to 0 if you want Numlock enabled at starup, and 2 to have it enabled at startup. ...
If you bought your computer with Windows Vista pre-installed, you most likely don't have a regular Windows Vista repair disc. What you do have is some crappy disc from the manufacturer that totally wipes your computer back to factory settings. What if you just want to run Startup repair off the...
CON is a reserve world in windows operating system. that's why we can not create the folder named as CON. But by command prompt we can do this STEP1: goto command prompt STEP2: type in prompt e:\> "mkdir \\.\e:\con" STEP3: verify by typing "dir \\.\e:\con" STEP4: delete the file or folder...
Introduction VMware’s applications are very powerful. They are useful in many ways. In this tutorial we are going to see the power of VMware ThinApp. ThinApp is used to create standalone portable programs. Tools required VMware ThinApp – can be downloaded from This is...