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There are many occasions where we need to show to the user the list of available printers on the system to choose from and this can be done very easily in MFC with the help of following code snippet DWORD dwNeeded = 0, dwItems = 0; LPBYTE lpPrinterInfo = NULL; CStringArray szaPrinterArray;...
The purpose of this tutorial is to give you an idea on how to create a COM Server using ATL, and then being able to call the server from both a Visual C++ program, and a Visual Basic program. I am not gonna go into the depths of COM details or burden you down with IDL, this tuorial is designed to...
When a new process is created, the "subsystem" field in the executable file header determines whether it was linked as a console (also called CUI or "character-based") or graphical user interface (GUI) application. A console application has a character-mode console window, which it inherits from...