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I needed to check the OS and on different OS the different path needed to be followed and so the host operating system version was needed for an application I was developing. Background First I would like to make a table where we know what are the platformId, MajorVersion, MinorVersion of...
The purpose of this tutorial is to give you an idea on how to create a COM Server using ATL, and then being able to call the server from both a Visual C++ program, and a Visual Basic program. I am not gonna go into the depths of COM details or burden you down with IDL, this tuorial is designed to...
Consider a simple EXE COM server, FooServer. Let's assume FooServer exposes an object Foo that has a method Bar: IFoo = interface procedure Bar; end; Let's also assume that FooServer has no clue what multithreading is and is therefore single-threaded just like any normal application....