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Often in your code procedures, you may need to determine what typeof control your code has accessed. For instance, you may want to alter the text on every command button on a form. Or you may want to change the properties for several different controls. In such instances, you have several ways to...
There are two types of procedures: Sub procedures and functions. In Visual Basic, Sub procedures do not return values when they terminate, but functions do.If you declare variables in your new procedures, those variables might not be accessible from outside the procedure, and that fact is new...
By definition, an array is a list of variables, all with the same data type and name. When we work with a single item, we only need to use one variable. However, if we have a list of items which are of similar type to deal with, we need to declare an array of variables instead of using a variable...
Working with strings is a very important functionality in most applications. Your ability to effectively use the existing .NET functionality is vital for building solid applications. String.Compare method VB.NET's String.Compare method is handy when you need to compare two string...
Developers are often required to make a specific action take place on a form on a regular basis or after a set time interval. One way you can achieve this functionality is by using VB.NET's Timer control. Example One of the best ways to understand how the Timer control works is with an...
Uniform Resource Identifiers (URIs) may represent Web requests, FTP requests, files, news, and e-mail. Whenever you need to work with URIs and determine a particular portion of a given URI, you can utilize the System.URI class available in Visual Studio .NET. This class allows you to represent and...
An object is a combination of code and data that can be treated as a unit. An object can be a piece of an application, like a control or a form. An entire application can also be an object. Objects are things that you can program with, things that make programming easier. They contain a set of...
A statement in Visual Basic is a complete instruction that can contain keywords, operators, variables, constants, and expressions. Following are the categories of statements Declaration Statements, Executable Statements, Assignment Statements Declaration Statements in Visual Basic You...
In VB you can use the Kill statement to delete files quickly but you lose the ability to retrieve the files easily. We will see how to delete files to the Recycle Bin that can be recovered. You can use Visual Basic's Kill statement to delete files from a disk. You can also use the methods that...
An important function of any program is the ability to work with a file system and manipulate files and directories. In this tip, we examine how to work with a file system using VB.NET. Lets see how to perform necessary functions with examples that utilise the existing classes, their methods, and...
While it has become common practice for developers to manipulate VB.NET date/time values manually, it's never a good idea because the result is rarely a correct date/time value. Whenever you try to use your own calculation routines for adding and subtracting date/time values, you risk generating a...
While core functionality and useability of the application is always one of the most important aspects, various visual effects may improve the way users feel about a particular application. Even though you may be able to implement purely cosmetic features in an application, it's important to keep...