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When you decide to use a variable, you are in fact asking the computer to use a certain amount of space to hold that variable. Since different variables will be used for different purposes, you should specify the kind of variable you intend to use, then the computer will figure out how much space...
You can also create functions in Visual Basic . They are just like Sub procedures except that they can return a value. You declare a function in much the same way as a Sub procedure, except that you use the Function keyword instead of Sub. Function Syntax Here's the formal syntax for...
A constant is a meaningful name that takes the place of a number or string that does not change. Constants store values that, as the name implies, remain the same throughout the execution of an application. You can greatly improve the readability of your code and make it easier to maintain by using...
Visual Basic allows a procedure to be repeated as many times as long as the processor could support. This is generally called looping . Visual Basic supports several versions of the Do statement. Do While loop The Do While loop is perhaps the most common looping statement that you'll put in...
All comparison operators produce true or false results. In other words, the comparison is either true or the comparison is false. The mathematical operators produce numeric values, whereas the comparison operators produce only true or false values. The rest of the program can use the true or false...
Visual Basic was Object-Based, Visual Basic .NET is Object-Oriented, which means that it's a true Object-Oriented Programming Language. Visual Basic .NET supports all the key OOP features like Polymorphism, Inheritance, Abstraction and Encapsulation. Lets have a brief overview of OOP before...
Command buttons appear in almost every window of every Windows application. Command buttons determine when the user wants to do something such as exit the application or begin printing. In almost every case, you will perform these tasks to add a command button to an application: 1. Locate and...
Visual Basic 6 provides a function called Environ through which you can get all the environment variables available. It takes string parameter which is name of the Environment variable and returns its value. The Valid Environment strings are ALLUSERSPROFILE APPDATA CI_HOLOS_CLI...
A Simple Windows Like Calculator in Visual Basic 6. See the Screenshot. Keyboard Shortcuts Ascii code of '0' is '48' and is a short cut key to '0' Ascii code of '1' is '49' and is a short cut key to '1' Ascii code of '2' is '50' and is a...
Useful Binary Conversion. This program convert Binary to text and text to binary. This program has one Form1 (Main.frm), textbox (Text1.Text), two button, (cmdConvtoBin and cmdConvtoText) and a module1 (Binary.bas) - Form Command Private Sub cmdConvtoBin_Click() MainText = Text1.Text...