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Here is a good code for you all. Toss it in a black form, and make all text lime green. K? It Is A Big Code. Here Are Your Objects: 8 labels(label1-label8) 3 Timers(timer1-timer3) and two textboxes(text1 is disabled on formload, please.. :) text2 enabled always....) ...
You can also create functions in Visual Basic . They are just like Sub procedures except that they can return a value. You declare a function in much the same way as a Sub procedure, except that you use the Function keyword instead of Sub. Function Syntax Here's the formal syntax for...
This is a new class written by me to extract the icon assigned to a file in your current system. Ex: Get the icon you see for mp3 files when you open your music folder. Many at first think this is just a WIN API wrapper for the SHGetfileinfo function. NOPE, that method would just grab the icon...
Introduction This solution is to prevent the conversion of large numeric values in scientific notation while exporting to excel. Background This solution deals with the situation when there is a large numeric value, and while exporting to excel it gets converted to scientific notation....
Often in your code procedures, you may need to determine what typeof control your code has accessed. For instance, you may want to alter the text on every command button on a form. Or you may want to change the properties for several different controls. In such instances, you have several ways to...
Working with the DataGridView control is easy in Visual Basic.NET. The useful features of this control makes database software development a breeze. The ready-made features such as the properties, methods, functions and events do most of the tasks. What is DataGridView? This is a control in...
Sometimes you might require to get a list of all the files in a folder, I was thinking how it can be implemented, the solution is to used the WSH interface and write a script in VBScript. Below is a sample script which will get the list of files on a directory, say c:\windows and save it to the...
Visual Basic allows a procedure to be repeated as many times as long as the processor could support. This is generally called looping . Visual Basic supports several versions of the Do statement. Do While loop The Do While loop is perhaps the most common looping statement that you'll put in...
Visual Basic was Object-Based, Visual Basic .NET is Object-Oriented, which means that it's a true Object-Oriented Programming Language. Visual Basic .NET supports all the key OOP features like Polymorphism, Inheritance, Abstraction and Encapsulation. Lets have a brief overview of OOP before...
An object is a combination of code and data that can be treated as a unit. An object can be a piece of an application, like a control or a form. An entire application can also be an object. Objects are things that you can program with, things that make programming easier. They contain a set of...
When a program makes use of the CD-ROM drive, it can be a nice touch to open and close the door under program control. The technique that allows you to do this relies on the mciSendString function from the Windows API. This function provides a general purpose interface to Windows' multimedia...
If you want to properly utilize VB.NET, it is very important to understand option statements. The following is a quick overview of the three option statements that are supported in VB.NET: Option Explicit: By default, Option Explicit is on for VB.NET projects. It's a good programming...
Developers are often required to make a specific action take place on a form on a regular basis or after a set time interval. One way you can achieve this functionality is by using VB.NET's Timer control. Example One of the best ways to understand how the Timer control works is with an...
Introduction This code once used, it will directly print the data of Text Box to any default selected printers. Adv. - If Printer are on any other server and properly selected, this code will work properly fine. Dis. Adv.
Windows stores some important information (e.g., computer name and user name) in the environment variables. The ability to access these variables to retrieve their values comes in handy in many applications. In this tip, I look at how you can use VB.NET to retrieve the information from the...
In VB you can use the Kill statement to delete files quickly but you lose the ability to retrieve the files easily. We will see how to delete files to the Recycle Bin that can be recovered. You can use Visual Basic's Kill statement to delete files from a disk. You can also use the methods that...
Visual Basic 6.0 offers plenty of tools for displaying regular text, but what if you want special effects? This article shows you how to display 3-D text in your program. The Windows API's TextOut function displays text on the screen. The declaration is as follows (place this in a module in...
A Simple Windows Like Calculator in Visual Basic 6. See the Screenshot. Keyboard Shortcuts Ascii code of '0' is '48' and is a short cut key to '0' Ascii code of '1' is '49' and is a short cut key to '1' Ascii code of '2' is '50' and is a...
A statement in Visual Basic is a complete instruction that can contain keywords, operators, variables, constants, and expressions. Following are the categories of statements Declaration Statements, Executable Statements, Assignment Statements Declaration Statements in Visual Basic You...
Working with strings is a very important functionality in most applications. Your ability to effectively use the existing .NET functionality is vital for building solid applications. String.Compare method VB.NET's String.Compare method is handy when you need to compare two string...