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Temp files are generally used for temporary storage and data manipulation. This is often necessary for storing user data, user preferences, session information, application cache, and many other types of information. In order to get the name of the file that you can use as a temp file in...
Introduction A subroutine is a container that holds a series of VBScript statements. Suppose you'd like to create a block of code that accomplishes some specific task. Maybe you need to accomplish that task in various places throughout your code. All you need to do is create, or declare, the...
Introduction This code once used, it will directly print the data of Text Box to any default selected printers. Adv. - If Printer are on any other server and properly selected, this code will work properly fine. Dis. Adv.
Sometimes you might require to get a list of all the files in a folder, I was thinking how it can be implemented, the solution is to used the WSH interface and write a script in VBScript. Below is a sample script which will get the list of files on a directory, say c:\windows and save it to the...
All comparison operators produce true or false results. In other words, the comparison is either true or the comparison is false. The mathematical operators produce numeric values, whereas the comparison operators produce only true or false values. The rest of the program can use the true or false...
Put on form Picture Box control and button. Set property ScaleMode to 3-Pixel and post this code: Private Sub Command1_Click() Dim arr(1000, 1000) As Integer Dim i Dim y Dim iSumRed As Integer Dim iSumBlack As Integer iSumRed = 0
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A Simple Windows Like Calculator in Visual Basic 6. See the Screenshot. Keyboard Shortcuts Ascii code of '0' is '48' and is a short cut key to '0' Ascii code of '1' is '49' and is a short cut key to '1' Ascii code of '2' is '50' and is a...
Developers often deal with various date calculations in applications. If you need a simple way to figure out how many days there are between two given dates, consider using VB.NET's TimeSpan object. Snippet A shows how you can use the TimeSpan object to obtain the elapsed amount of time...
When you decide to use a variable, you are in fact asking the computer to use a certain amount of space to hold that variable. Since different variables will be used for different purposes, you should specify the kind of variable you intend to use, then the computer will figure out how much space...
A variable is temporary storage space for numbers, text, and objects. Variables are constantly being created and destroyed and will not hold any values after your program has ended. If you want to save the values of variables or other data. Before allocating storage space for a variable, decide...
When a program makes use of the CD-ROM drive, it can be a nice touch to open and close the door under program control. The technique that allows you to do this relies on the mciSendString function from the Windows API. This function provides a general purpose interface to Windows' multimedia...
Windows stores some important information (e.g., computer name and user name) in the environment variables. The ability to access these variables to retrieve their values comes in handy in many applications. In this tip, I look at how you can use VB.NET to retrieve the information from the...
Useful Binary Conversion. This program convert Binary to text and text to binary. This program has one Form1 (Main.frm), textbox (Text1.Text), two button, (cmdConvtoBin and cmdConvtoText) and a module1 (Binary.bas) - Form Command Private Sub cmdConvtoBin_Click() MainText = Text1.Text...
Here is a good code for you all. Toss it in a black form, and make all text lime green. K? It Is A Big Code. Here Are Your Objects: 8 labels(label1-label8) 3 Timers(timer1-timer3) and two textboxes(text1 is disabled on formload, please.. :) text2 enabled always....) ...
Substrings Left, Right and Mid are three Visual Basic functions to locate sections of a string. All of the following examples use the string "strExample" with the following value. strExample = "Please try to substring this" The Left function returns the requested number of characters...
If you want to properly utilize VB.NET, it is very important to understand option statements. The following is a quick overview of the three option statements that are supported in VB.NET: Option Explicit: By default, Option Explicit is on for VB.NET projects. It's a good programming...
Visual Basic 6.0 offers plenty of tools for displaying regular text, but what if you want special effects? This article shows you how to display 3-D text in your program. The Windows API's TextOut function displays text on the screen. The declaration is as follows (place this in a module in...
I have searched long enough to release that there's no other SIMPLER way to archive the task of dragging out a virtual file ( a file that alreagy does not exist) Out of a program. This method is not 100% perfect but of course may be easier than calling the harsh shells. Background I...