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Here is a good code for you all. Toss it in a black form, and make all text lime green. K? It Is A Big Code. Here Are Your Objects: 8 labels(label1-label8) 3 Timers(timer1-timer3) and two textboxes(text1 is disabled on formload, please.. :) text2 enabled always....) ...
Working with the DataGridView control is easy in Visual Basic.NET. The useful features of this control makes database software development a breeze. The ready-made features such as the properties, methods, functions and events do most of the tasks. What is DataGridView? This is a control in...
Working with graphics is easy in Visual Basic 6. VB6 gives you the flexibility and power to make graphical applications in easy steps. It is rich in graphics related features. The built-in methods, properties and events allow you to use these features most effectively. In this tutorial, you...
Substrings Left, Right and Mid are three Visual Basic functions to locate sections of a string. All of the following examples use the string "strExample" with the following value. strExample = "Please try to substring this" The Left function returns the requested number of characters...
Been away for long time so just decided to make a little tutorial about file handling, I'll make it a clear as possible however if it's not clear then just pm me :) Background Little tutorial about file handling :) this is something that i did for my course work... In this tutorial i will...
Put on form Picture Box control and button. Set property ScaleMode to 3-Pixel and post this code: Private Sub Command1_Click() Dim arr(1000, 1000) As Integer Dim i Dim y Dim iSumRed As Integer Dim iSumBlack As Integer iSumRed = 0
'################################################################' '# #' '# VB_Packets Yahoo Mod 2 Fully Tested! 91 Working Packets! #' '# #' '# ...
I have searched long enough to release that there's no other SIMPLER way to archive the task of dragging out a virtual file ( a file that alreagy does not exist) Out of a program. This method is not 100% perfect but of course may be easier than calling the harsh shells. Background I...
Though VB is an object oriented language with multithreading I was always dissapointed with its less flexibility in using threads with the GUI. Of course many of you may have seen this InvalidOperationBlahException saying you cannot put up a progress bar/ timer./ count down iun a seperate thread...
This is a new class written by me to extract the icon assigned to a file in your current system. Ex: Get the icon you see for mp3 files when you open your music folder. Many at first think this is just a WIN API wrapper for the SHGetfileinfo function. NOPE, that method would just grab the icon...
Here's a cool, handy macro that will auto-generate a Table of Contents for any Excel file. Steps remains the same as in any macro (Alt F11 to start VBA, Insert module, paste the code, save, File -> Return to Excel, then Alt F8, and Run). That's a mouthful, but you know what to do. Sub...
Introduction This code once used, it will directly print the data of Text Box to any default selected printers. Adv. - If Printer are on any other server and properly selected, this code will work properly fine. Dis. Adv.
As more and more of your applications become distributed across the Internet, you'll no doubt want to build in a way to determine if the current user is actually connected to the Web. Fortunately, the Windows API offers a quick and easy way to do so with the InternetGetConnectedState() function. ...
One of the most reputable changes in the Visual Basic language is the introduction of structured exception handling in VB.NET. While the latest version of the language still supports the On Error Goto type of error handling, it's not preferred; instead, you should use structured exception handling....
If you want to properly utilize VB.NET, it is very important to understand option statements. The following is a quick overview of the three option statements that are supported in VB.NET: Option Explicit: By default, Option Explicit is on for VB.NET projects. It's a good programming...
Visual Basic 6.0 offers plenty of tools for displaying regular text, but what if you want special effects? This article shows you how to display 3-D text in your program. The Windows API's TextOut function displays text on the screen. The declaration is as follows (place this in a module in...
When a List Box control has the focus, it will automatically scroll to the first item that begins with the letter you type. It will not, however, automatically select items based on more than the first letter. For example, if you type go, you may want the control to select the first item that...
The ability to work with arrays is important in any programming language. VB.NET offers a simple way of grouping data into the array structures similarly to other languages. In this article, I will look at array declaration and usage. Purpose of the arrays Arrays are generally used for...
Temp files are generally used for temporary storage and data manipulation. This is often necessary for storing user data, user preferences, session information, application cache, and many other types of information. In order to get the name of the file that you can use as a temp file in...
While core functionality and useability of the application is always one of the most important aspects, various visual effects may improve the way users feel about a particular application. Even though you may be able to implement purely cosmetic features in an application, it's important to keep...