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I too studied about the behavior of trojans and all. But i think u re not so familiar with that. Whenever a file needs to access internet, A good AV like kasersky will ask the user that " this process tries to connect with the internet and asks for the option "Allow or Block". So u can very well decide whether to allow it or not. Jus download any trojans and check that with a good antivirus with up to date database.
Think of a program which connects to internet For example FTP Client, which needs access to internet to make uploads/downloads but someone has attached TROJAN with it, which uses FTP Client's processes to communicate with some server. What you gonna do now? Kaspersky will show that FTP Client processes are trying to access internet, Won't you allow those processes if you want to upload you website? If you block any process to access internet, your software will not work, or if you allow it will activate the trojan.
Trojan is still undetected by your antivirus program.
Kindly solve this problem, neo_vi.