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This can't happen when u re smart than the virus program. I've all the keygens and cracks but i'll archive it and protect it with a password. there are many other techniques too..
Archiving the keygens is different thing and using them is another aspect. If you have to use a keygen, you must have to extract, means it will come out of archive, will enter into system's memory, where it can go with its ill-works.

I tell you the best way to test various softwares or testing various untrusted softwares (keygens use or patched ) on your machine. Just use VIRTUALBOX (by SUN Microsystems). Try all untrusted softwares firstly in Virtual Windows, if everything seems fine, then try it in your real time operating system.

Virtual Box allows you to run another operating system like Windows XP,Windows Vista, Linux, Apple's OS, Sun's OS with in your windows like any other application software.
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