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I have been using linux for 2 years now, and I can tell you that I learn something new virtually every day. And a few of those things I have learned are very rare to be seen all the time. Here are a few of them. If you are using Redhat's netcfg utility to connect to the internet and you are sick...
This article will give people with no previous UNIX experience some sense of what UNIX is. This article will cover the history of UNIX and an introduction to UNIX. HISTORY OF UNIX AND CAUSES FOR ITS POPULARITY Most discussions of UNIX begin with the history of UNIX without explaining why...
Command line skills are something you pick up over time. When something needs to be done, you work out how, and from then on you know how to do it. Few take the time to systematically learn the ins and outs of the tools at their disposal, however, and so may not be aware of all the possibilities of...
Sometimes you must have noticed that you have 1gb of data to write. But you are unable to decide that what media should you use. Because 1 DVD can be more than enough required and 1 CD is not enough for writing the data. And if you use another CD, that would be probably half free. So, you will be...
Introduction WINE (Wine Is Not an Emulator) is a free software application that aims to allow Unix-like computer operating systems to execute programs written for Microsoft Windows. Wine also provides a software library known as Winelib against which developers can compile Windows applications...
Shell Tips & Tricks Create A Command Alias Most of us use 'ls -l' so, will it not be easier to have a smaller command to show us long listing, add the following line to ~/.bashrc alias ll='ls -l' Using it # ll
Part I - Shell Tips & Tricks Clear and Disable Bash History Use the Bash inbuilt history command: history -cTo prevent writing of your Bash history to the history when you log out: unset HISTFILEAmpersand (Background Jobs)
Introduction Everyone of us might have come across a lot of text editors each of them having their own special features and style. GNU Emacs, apart from being a text editor, is a wonderful software which makes us believe it to be a mini operating system. Like other softwares, Emacs is...
In this tutorial of mine I am demonstrating some bash commands with some example scenarios/questions and their solutions.... What is Bash:- Bash or Bourne Again Shell is a reimplementation of Bourne shell... Bash is the default shell that comes with most of the linux distributions out...
GDB is GNU Project Debugger its basically is a debugger and allows you to see inside the program flow, control structure, working, code and we will see how we can do that. How to work with GDB We will we using a basic debugMe.c program throughout this tutorial helloworld.c ...
This is continuation of my previous article - Bash Simple Tricks Tutorial Again I am following a question – solution approach to demonstrate my scripts.. Scripts Write a script that displays the number of lines in a file that starts with a or A Script :-
This is continuation of my previous articles .. Please don't miss them :- Bash Simple Tricks Bash Simple Tricks (continuation) Again I am following a question – solution approach to demonstrate my scripts.. Scripts
You might have studied various mechanisms through which two processes interact on same host. For example message queues, shared memory etc. But what about interaction between two process running on two different hosts (lets say on a LAN or WAN). Here comes the concept of network programming where...