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thx alooooooooooooot u r threads is great
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Thanks it really helped. but i have a problem. if i wanted to download a program on someone else's computer, not make a virus using bat file if i want them to download something like .exe how can i do that?
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At this point all I have is a small file based on the generic batch files previously posted. The specific directories should not be important at this time as that is easily updated.I still have yet to see the physical computer that will be used to burn the DVD.
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nice post.

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I think you have worked a lot on it and I appreciate your knowledge and handwork.
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Awesome ....
great trick.....
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Can we use such for making some pranks on friends?
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Hi all sorry to be a pain and ask I am a bit of a newbie I have read this post which is great by the way, I have managed to change my .vbs/.bat icons not with the Nbinder I used a program called bat_ to _exe which im guessing is the same anyway, I have tried to download the posted program Bat2COM but I cant open it just pops up with a quick cmd does.

Take it easy on me lol I am new
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hmmm... which one is better net stop or taskkill?