nice article pradeep......

i'll like to add something more to it.. as u have mentioned about sub7 i'll give u a some more info about it ...
sub7 is the best know trojan which is able to control netbus (which actually controls the entire sys proces..)
SubSeven can do everything that NetBus can do. This includes things such as

File controls
Upload / Download
Move, Copy, Rename, Delete
Erase harddrives and other disks
Execute programs
Can see your screen as you see it
Log any/all keypresses (even hidden passwords)
Open/close/move windows
Move mouse
Network control
Can see all open connections to and from your computer
Can close connections
Can 'bounce' or relay from their system to yours, so wherever they connect it seems as if You are doing it. This is how they prevent getting caught breaking into other computer systems and get You in trouble!

rhus sub7 was the best trojan till date ...

more later

The SubSeven trojan can also be configured to inform someone when its infected computer connects to the internet, and tells that person all the