1) Well, to solve the extra _MACOSX directory in a zip archive issue we can use ZipCleaner from http://homepage.mac.com/roger_jolly/software/.

2) Regarding the Hibernate option - I dont think its really an important thing to add as mac claims to have a 30 days standby time, so its for from enough IMO.

I'd also like to add some more issues to the list :-

1) Moving the typing cursor takes a lot of time.
2) I miss a delete key, The delete key on mac replaces the backspace on a normal keyboard but we still dont have a del key (like on normal keyboards).
3) Appstore requires a attached CC even for free apps. That really puts me off.
4) Lacks a lot of customizability - mac really sucks in this, Actually I have been a linux user for a long time now and I like to customize a lot of things, mac doesn't even supports the basic ones. eg: Its not possible to change the behavior of closing the laptop lid on mac without having to install a app like InsomniaX etc.

And I'd like to add some Pro's too:-

1) The keyboard layout is awesome, The keys are properly spaced and Its less probable to make a typo on mac compared to a normal keyboard.
2) Fast booting as well as fast shutdown speed, The best I have seen so far on any OS, Maybe Ubuntu is a little bit faster but mac outruns windows by a hefty margin.
3) Excellent UI, better than Windows IMO.
4) I love the touchpad gestures, it gets things done much faster.