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what is the concept you are using so that you are able to solve even simple sudoku's plzz tel me.

actually i m trying to develop a program which can solve sudoku's.but i m unable to understand the relation between the numbers that are given in a certain sudoku problem.
Well.. lets start out with the basics. A solved 3x3 sudoku will use all of the numbers 1-9 exactly once in any single row, column, or cell block.

In order to solve a sudoku you need to understand that what you know(solved cells) isn't as important as what you don't know(unsolved cells). As such you have to keep a running track of exactly which numbers are possible in any blank cell at any one time.. and when those possibilities reach only one... that value is the value of the cell.

There are 8 logic deductions used to remove possibilities from blank cells. 4 basic ones and 4 advanced ones. Once all fail you need to solve it by brute force. Brute force involves recursion.

I've allready provided all of the logic in a class in one of these threads for a sudoku class which will solve any sized sudoku.

Here is the thread:


Here is a spreadsheet that illustrates what is going on:


Upper left grid is the grid to be solved... upper right grid fills in the blanks with all the numbers that CANT be in the blank cell.. and the lower right grid uses this to provide only the possibilities for each blank cell. If the # of possibilities is one then replace appropriate blank cell in the upper left with it.

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