Hello guys, I am attaching a Zip File that contains :

1. "sud_use_as_base.c" - This is a 'C' file that u can use to build ur own Sudoku Programs - it does the work of I/P & O/P. So half of ur coding work is reduced.

2. "coded_ip_4_sdku.rtf" - This is a Wordpad file that contains some Sudoku's in the coded form (coded as per the I/P requirements of the program)

3. "save_sud_sols.txt" - This is a text/Notepad file that contains the Questions & Solutions to some Sudoku Puzzles, which u can try as Test I/Ps for the Sudoku Program. U can then match & see if the solution matches or not & can hav a better understanding of where the program fails.

Note : Use the 2nd & 3rd file simultaneoulsy - use the 2nd one for I/P & 3rd file for checking the O/P.

Hope that helps u guys to analyse the prog better!

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