Well, in that case, u can just refer any News-paper's Sudoku section. They give the rules along with the puzzle - that should be sufficient for u to understand or u can search in Google for the Rules.

To make your work easier, I will describe the rules here :

Board Layout :
1. 9 Row, 9 Column Board - i.e. board with 81 sub-blocks.

2. The Board can be divided into 9 sub-grids, each of which consists of 3 Rows, 3 Columns - i.e. 9 sub-blocks (For more idea on the sub-grids, refer the documentation - its given their pictorially)

Objective/Mission :
U must fill the Sudoku Board with numbers 1 to 9 using the following guidlines :
> Each Row must contain all the numbers from 1 to 9
> Each Column must contain all the numbers from 1 to 9
> Each Sub-grid must contain all the numbers from 1 to 9
> NO Repetition of numbers must take place along a Row/Column or in a Sub-Grid

What is Given to u :
---> Some of the Numbers varying from 1 to 9 are placed in different sub-blocks &
are already made availble initially - we must place the remaining numbers correctly

---> Depending upon the number of nos. already made available (AND ALSO THEIR
PLACEMENTS)- Sudoku's r classified as Easy, Medium, Hard & Evil

---> Easy Sudoku implies that at least 28-30 entries will be given to u, that too placed in
such a way, that the puzzle is easy to solve. My program can only ATTEMPT to solve
such puzzles.

Hope that is sufficient to at least get u introduced to the Game.

Anyways, the program doesn't need u to be an xpert in it. It isn't an interactive platform, where u can play the game - what it does, it SOLVES (or attempts to) a given (Easy Level) Sudoku Puzzle, when the numbers already given in the Puzzle r fed as I/P.


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