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Introduction I had a complex SQL query that was used to extract data from my system and send it across via web request to an external system. The query was taking unduly longer time to run. I made few changes to the query structure and reduced it run time to 7 mins. A part of the main query...
A trigger is a special kind of stored procedure that is invoked whenever an attempt is made to modify the data in the table it protects. Modifications to the table are made ussing INSERT,UPDATE,OR DELETE statements.Triggers are used to enforce data integrity and business rules such as...
There are many occasions where if someone updates a records or even deletes a record we need to keep the Audit trails of the record updated or deleted or even keep a history of records as what are the updates that happened on the database as well as what are the records deleted from the table. In...
Introduction This article deals with parsing techniques involved in executing the sql server query. Nowadays, stored procedures forms a strong back ground in accessing the database. Why is it so???? how it's related to my query parsing technique Background If we think about the query...
Introduction Stored procedures are special objects available in sql server. Its a precompiled statements where all the preliminary parsing operations are performed and the statements are ready for execution. Its very fast when compared to ordinary sql statements where the sql...
What is SMO? SQL Server Management Objects (SMO) is a collection of objects that are designed for programming all aspects of managing Microsoft SQL Server. SMO Overview SQL Server Management Objects (SMO) are objects designed for programmatic management of Microsoft SQL Server. You can...
SQL Server implements Client/Server technology.A number of client send queries to the Central Server.The server after receiving the query request,parses it for syntax errors and process the request.Since the query passes from the client to the server through the network it adds to network...
Architectural components In SQL Server Reporting services 2005, there are two services as windows service and web service. The windows service was responsible for report processing, scheduling, and delivery, database maintenance, and extensibility. The web service worked with SOAP, URL access. ...
The user interface of report builder The various parts of the report builder interface are described. User can access the report builder from Start, All Programs, and Microsoft SQL Server 2008 report builder. The report builder interface is as shown below: ...
SQL Server 2012 components The architecture of SQL Server database engine is as shown below: http://imgs.g4estatic.com/sql-server/2012-architecture/Fig1.jpg There are four major components in SQL Server database engine. The protocol layer, query processor, storage engine, and SQLOS. Every...
Report Authoring The report writing needs to plan with other activities. The considerations are audience, report structure, look and feel of report, report visibility, delivery format, used on web or desktop, etc. All these considerations are connected with each other. Parameterized reports...
SQLOS Architecture The SQLOS is the server application used for managing the operating system resources. The buffer management, scheduling, deadlock detection, exception handling, extended events, etc are managed. The operating system is called and the scheduling functions efficiently schedule...
SQL Server B-tree indexes The indexes in SQL Server are organized in B-tree structure. B-tree means balanced tree. In B-tree, at the top there is a root node, leaf node at bottom. The indexes have two components as leaf level and non leaf level. The non leaf levels are useful for navigation....
The SQL Server data engine which is introduced by Microsoft. Using SQL, user can create the database and manage them. User can easily execute queries, add records to the database, update and delete data. New databases and tables are created. Procedures and views are added on different tables. ...
There are several data types defined in SQL. It is necessary for the user to understand different data types available in SQL Numeric data types Date and Time types String Data types Unicode character string types Binary Data types Miscellaneous data types
SQL Server management studio is used for creation and use of the database objects. The Database Engine Tuning Advisor is used for administering the database activities. The BI solutions are implemented using the SQL Server Business Intelligence development studio. SQL Server is associated with...
The various SQL Server operators are as listed below: Comparison operators Arithmetic operators Logical operators Negation operators Arithmetic operators
In SQL, the set of statements are stored permanently in a function. The functions are user defined functions. User defined functions Scalar functions Table valued functions User defined functions The user defined functions is the object of database containing statements used for used...
The cursor is used for accessing the set of records from the result set with a row at a time. The difference between T-SQL statement and a cursor is that the statement operates on all the records. The result set created contains the common rows and user needs to process the data per row. The...
The reporting services provides user with application programming interfaces and tools for the creation of reports. The reports can be easily authorized and published using these tools. User can create the environment on the current database and the web server infrastructure. User can render...