great article and well written.

I have always known that third party applications (on forums too) are the most vulnerable to exploits. for the obvious reasons that both the main developer is not working with the third party vendor and updates are far and few between.

my biggest concern with social networking sites is BIG BROTHER.
you are being profiled, categorized and in a nutshell, spied on.

EDIT: 2 months and that facebook exploit still not fixed hahaha
they do not have to touch the application itself, it is xss vulnerability via url and they could put a filter on that

p.s. what kind of idiot tricks people into sending money to his account?
the kind that gets caught. never leave a trail!

it is nearly impossible to steal money via hacking because you have to withdrawl it at some point and thats traceable.
I cant believe someone actually tried this.

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