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Buying links is always a good things unless and until google does not recognizes it has manipulation of SERP's
Buying is good if you have enough money to buy for links!.. If your gonna buy links, just make sure to get have it on relevant sites with higher PR value.. But for me, on my opinion, I don't go for buying of links, there are lots of sites/directories that offers free submissions, you just have to be patient in looking for the right resources..
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others use black hat to get high PR and good serp... but I never hear any long term results.
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You can submit your site in social networking site.
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Don't go after PR just try to build relevant backlinks to your site and PR will be take care of itself. Rankings are most important for any website.
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Building links and building qualified link can increase your page rank only on other hand if you are looking to increase traffic you can gain organic traffic by achieving higher position in search engines and other way to increase your traffic is using social book mark links effectively
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Yes, Pr 4 links are good but there are too many misused sites/blogs that PRs become redundant. Manually submit many search engines.
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I find traffic from forum posting and from bookmark sites. Also some traffic come from search engines too.
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One of the best way to increase PR is bookmarking sites. Use folkd book marking site. It is easy to use.
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submit articles to a good pr site and also do bookmarking and forum is the best way try to make keyword rich your website content

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According to me, blog commenting and forum posting is a great way of generating more traffic to a website. However, there are other varied SEO techniques but these are the most effective ones.