I found a website called IRobot. It is an open source web crawler.
I'm seriously thinking about downloading it & use it to automate a few things for me to make my life easier..
watching this little guy in action got the little squirrels in my head to do some exercise.
I was wondering if there was such a robot or web crawler that could find articles for me if I gave it a keyword or key phrases & bring them back to me so I may use an article spinner.
I robot can do this, but. Only if you know the URL.
I was wondering if there was such a web crawler or spider that exists to just go out into the World Wide Web & find these articles automatically by just giving it keywords or key phrases…
If it doesn't exist, would somebody here be willing to build one for me?
I'm trying to make money online via affiliate programs, AdSense etc. etc.
what I would like to do is submit as many articles as I can to as many article directories that I can creating some sort of broken link wheel. That way it would look a little more natural to the search engines.
I would be able to pay somebody to create one for me, but. I only get so much every month. So, hopefully this person would be kind enough to take monthly payments in small increments every month until it's paid off.
Anyway, thank you for taking the time to read this.