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Originally Posted by shabbir
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I'm new to prgramming on the whole. Followed code above. Stupid ques, when finished making lets say frmClient and frmServer do we save it as a project an then make the project a .exe.
Do i have to compile before we save or make a .exe. Is compile the play button, becuase when i did after creating each form i that didn't get back like a process completed e.g jcreator

How do i end up with a client.exe and a server.exe at the end of the day. Do we send the server.exe like a normal trojan to our victim and we run client.exe on our pc.

If so , how to i actually use the client to connect to victim, what interface and how?
Sorry for Stupid ques, i could imagine how i am sounding. I am really interested in learning code and i have been reading a good bit. i pick up fairly fast, and i understand enough to appreciate a helping hand. thanks on responses, cheers
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woh! greate tutorials! keep it up

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hey guys m new to this forum.......
however i wuld like to ask a small question on the code ?

if i put another command button ie to unblock the input say cmdUnblockInput

Private Sub cmdUnblockInput_Click()
     Win.SendData "Unblock"
End Sub
and i add the foll:
       Select Case x
               Case "block"
                    Action = BlockInput(True)
               Case "Unblock"
                    Action = BlockInput(False)
     End Select
ok dats for the coding part now for the implementation part

now if u click on cmdBlockInput it blocks the input devices from..............

but now wen u press cmdUnblockInput it doesnt unblock the input devices.......

dat is no reconnection is made to the trojan part of the computer...........
dat is the trojan part of the computer should be in the "listening" state again which is not in this case........
i just want to know how to do so???

hope i get the ans for my 1st question on this forum?
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tarencer, have a separate thread for your query and not in the discussion of the article.

Also provide a good and relevant topic as well as have it in the right section.
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This is GREAT, WOW,

but just to show you a little spelling mistake, which would bug the whole program....

check the bit in bold, it should be Private Instead of Pivate

Pivate Sub win_ConnectionRequest(ByVal requestID As Long)
win.Accept requestID
End Sub

Private Sub win_DataArrival(ByVal bytesTotal As Long)
win.GetData GotDat
DoActions (GotDat)
End Sub


nice work! love ya... lol
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I have corrected the error. Thanks for pointing that out.
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No probs.... Thanx for correcting it...

I'm having problem with this, I created it and Published it (*.exe) i run server(so it active) then opened my client unit, typed my IP in and click connect, it worked fine till that point but when I click on BLOCK INPUT it didnt work, it kept saying
Wrong protocol or connection state for the requested transaction or request

is there any thing that I can do to get it right?
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Good code.
Hope nobody creates a real trojan out of this.
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Seems to be good tutorial but not working for me. Detected by Kaspersky as Generic Trojan