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This is a great script!

I have a database our sales people use. I'd like to restrict their data to their login; ie. username CD from tblLogin can only see data from tblSales salesID=CD.

Thanks in advance!
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I forgot to post how my tables are set up:



The username from tblLogin will match an entry in salesID, ie. username = CD, salesID = CD.

The login 'admin' needs to access the entire database.

I'm new to programming in asp. I think it's an if statement like if username = "", where username=salesID, then... I'm really not sure though!
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when i checked the pages its going to the verify page (and showing a blank page of verify )
even if i do any thing with the login parameters.. pls help is thr any mistake in the code..
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I am new to both microsoft access and asp....but i am trying to lerans ways to link a database and a webpage and saw ur codes....i did as u said in the forum...but i wanst sure what to do next... i mean, i have all the three files in one folder, and what next? how would i check if it worked?
Thanks in advance
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Trying to see them in browsers should be the nest step
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Hi all I need help as I get this error, I am new to asp, and this is for a school assignment.

Microsoft JET Database Engine error '80040e10'
No value given for one or more required parameters.
/students/IPT/12IPT2011/007378/Term 3/verify.asp, line 32

Here is my code! (These are the code lines around this area of the error)

'Opening Connection to Database
Conn.open connStr
'Query to be executed
SQLQuery = "select * from tbl_CustomerInfo where Customer_ID = '"&Customer_ID&"' AND Cusotmer_Pass = '"&Password&"'"
'Retrieving recordset by executing SQL
set rs=Conn.execute(SQLQuery)
'If no records retrieved
if rs.BOF and rs.EOF then
Response.Redirect "index.asp?Customer_ID=" & Customer_ID
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So sorry for the post, just read over the code myself after getting home, and realised it was a stupid spelling mistake.

Sorry again.