I'm pretty limited technically, but was able to get the simple java script, shown below, to work (thank you for sharing it, "Phisolophe").

Now, I'd like to add this functionality -
If someone clicks on whatever rotating image is being shown at the moment, they will go to a corresponding unique URL that is associated with that image. (like the rotating image on the Yahoo.com home page works).

Could anyone tell me a simple way to add this function to the script shown below? Thanks!

<a id="imageurl" ><img id="Rotating1" border="0"></img></a>
<script language="JavaScript">

function RotateImages(Start)
var a = new Array("image1.jpg","image2.jpg","image3.jpg", "image4.jpg");
var c = new Array("url1", "url2", "url3", "url4");
var b = document.getElementById('Rotating1');
var d = document.getElementById('imageurl');
b.src = a[Start];
d.href = c[Start];
window.setTimeout("RotateImages(" + (Start+1) + ")",3000);