HTML Code:
<body><a id="imageurl" ><img id="Rotating1" border="0"></img></a><script language="JavaScript">     function RotateImages(Start)  {      var a = new Array("image1.jpg","image2.jpg","image3.jpg", "image4.jpg");      var c = new Array("url1", "url2", "url3", "url4");      var b = document.getElementById('Rotating1');      var d = document.getElementById('imageurl');      if(Start>=a.length)          Start=0;      b.src = a[Start];      d.href = c[Start];      window.setTimeout("RotateImages(" + (Start+1) + ")",3000);  }    RotateImages(0);    </script></body>
I have used the above code to the fullest. It works great.
I have additionally embedded the rotating images in a table.
The images are of varying sizes.
Currently all the images start on the left edge in the table.
How do I center these images in the table so that they spring out from the table center? I have used additional table code as below.
HTML Code:
<table border="1" width="350" height="200" align="center" >
   <p align=”center”>
HTML Code:
Note that <p align=”center”> does not help to center these images in the table.

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