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<a id="imageurl" name="imageurl"><img src="Rotating1" id="Rotating1" border="0" alt="Rotating1" name="Rotating1" onmouseover="StopRotation();" onmouseout="RotateImages();"/></a>
<script language="javascript" type="text/javascript">

  var currentImage = 0;
  function RotateImages()
    var a = new Array("1.jpg","2.jpg","3.jpg", "4.jpg");
    var c = new Array("url1", "url2", "url3", "url4");
    var b = document.getElementById('Rotating1');
    var d = document.getElementById('imageurl');


    if(currentImage>= a.length)

    b.src = a[currentImage];
    d.href = c[currentImage];

    rotator = window.setTimeout("RotateImages(" + (currentImage+1) + ")",3000);

  function StopRotation()


There we go, pauses on mouseover, and then continues to next image on mouseout. Still xhtml 1.0 trasitional certified.
This works great! Except, I don't need the url goto, just the rotating images. I'm a novice and, try as I might, I can't figure out how to exclude the url function. (When I delete what seems to me the relevant code, my images cease to rotate.) Can any kind, lovely person sort me out? Thanks!