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Originally Posted by shabbir View Post
It does not work on Vista
Like I've said before in the first page,
for vista use this syntax:
net user [username] shift 8
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This was something new to learn from the article. Good one.
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hii.. its nice.. pls send me some of the cmd tricks.. pls....
such as formatting pen drive,mem.card.. etc
send me more tricks..
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hi guy you want to know this?
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You can get to cmd/system32 by going to notepad and typing this code:

There is a much longer code but i forgot what it is and am too lazy to look.

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great yaar. i have tried it.
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hy guys,

you can open any exe file from calculator.
you have to click:
1. start
2. accessories
3. calculator
4. help
5. help topics
6. right click on "?" on upper left pane
7. then jump to URL.....
this syntax:

file:///[any drive e.g c:]/any folder name/name of exe file
the press enter and make friends surprised

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Old trick ..
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Hi guyz.i need help ont his do i shutdown another person's computer with mine..with dis cmd stuff
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Originally Posted by iCanTtellYouMyName View Post

I loved using this in school, to get around the filters, so that I could play whatever I wanted

The filters, block certain websites, anything that the school administrators deems 'inappropriate' such as pornography (obviously) and games (e.g. Runescape)

Well, this is useful if they also disabled use of the command prompt, cmd.exe

Go to Start>Accessories>Calculator (yes, the calculator) and in calc, click Help>Help topics.

Now. In the upper left hand corner you see a "?" right click on it and click "Jump to URL"

You will see "Current URL: mk:@MSITStore:C:\WINDOWS\Help\calc.chm::/calc_whatis_intro.htm"

In the Jump to URL: type in "file:///C:/windows/system32/cmd.exe" WITHOUT QUOTES OR SPACES

this dose not work at scholl pc why?