I loved using this in school, to get around the filters, so that I could play whatever I wanted

The filters, block certain websites, anything that the school administrators deems 'inappropriate' such as pornography (obviously) and games (e.g. Runescape)

Well, this is useful if they also disabled use of the command prompt, cmd.exe

Go to Start>Accessories>Calculator (yes, the calculator) and in calc, click Help>Help topics.

Now. In the upper left hand corner you see a "?" right click on it and click "Jump to URL"

You will see "Current URL: mk:@MSITStore:C:\WINDOWS\Help\calc.chm::/calc_whatis_intro.htm"

In the Jump to URL: type in "file:///C:/windows/system32/cmd.exe" WITHOUT QUOTES OR SPACES

Scripting like this