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All tips are very informative but in one tips I am quit confused and don't understand. Can you explain me this tips "Expand acronyms/abbreviations with ACRONYM and ABBR tags."
I didn't either so I did a Google search, you can read an explanation here:

However, as I pointed out in an earlier post, this article is 8 years old - obviously some things have changed since then. Here is some updated information for HTML-5:
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If you have not any code then what the way of work can you explain there..
What are the strategies are applied for you in the search in Google and yahoo.
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search engine optimization process of where we promote keywords and get ranking on high level for those when people search and find it.
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SEO is use to increase the visibility of a website or web page. As all know there are mainly two type of pages paid one and organic pages. So SEO services is use to increase the visibility of organic pages on search engine .It means that when we type anything on a search engine, It provide relevant websites on Search Engine Result Page (SERP), So here SEO works it helps to more frequently a site will be appears in the search list, the more visitors use that particular website.
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Search Engine Optimization is a endless process. Your frequent attention is highly required to maintain or improve your keywords ranking. If you're not putting effort into SEO, your competition is and all your online marketing or lack of will be for naught.
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yes this is the very basic step in spite of this now a days we also need to understand the market overviews and market competition in a natural ways, because every company have their own website and they all are promoting it, so at least we need to understand the local market.
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SEO is as important as any other marketing strategy you have in mind... well billboards, banners and leaflets is a great choice when you want to market you product in the downtown vicinity... but SEO helps to make your site, business and brand name be more popular.. since more people are using the internet.. and having the opportunity to be seen on one popular page is a privilege for other people... it could mean the same for your business, too!
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Yes Shabbir, you are absolute right...all webmaster doing their only site analysis & performance..but not showing their interest in SEO....everyone need to know this hidden truth..