seo means "search engine optimization".it is actually the process of improving the volume or quality of traffic to a website from which search engines are obtained naturally with out unpaid("it can be logarithmic or organic"). it is opposed with SEM which is a paid SEO there are different kinds of search such as search,including image search,local search and industry specific vertical search engines..which would give a website web presence.
optimizing involves editing its content ad HTML and associated coding to increase specific keywords and to remove barriers to the indexing activities.
There are different techniques:
black hat :black hats anticipate that their sites might be banned when the search is over temporarily or permanently it uses text that is hidden,it involves deception.

white hat :white hat produces results that will last a longer time even after the search is confirms the a search engine guide lines and it involves no deception.

the different methods for search engine optimization:
getting indexed:there would be many pages so to identify the pages the indexes are given

preventing crawling: it is used to avoid undesirable content in the search indexes web masters are instructed not to crawl certain files and directories.

increasing prominence:are done to get a web page shown up at the search includes
cross linking between pages of the same website.,writing contents that includes key words,url normalization of web pages\

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seo services include:

- Organic Search Engine Optimization
- Reciprocal and one-way Link Building
- Website Content Writing & Optimization
- Corporate Blogging & Social Networking
- Directory Submissions & Bookmarking
- Pay Per Click Mgmt on Google Analytics
- Search Engine Submissions
- Article Syndication & Press Releases