Nice article Shabbir, But you forgot to mention one important point - "Running Adsense on Sites".

The tips you have enlisted in your article are just the preliminary steps which will just help to land somewhere in the vast ocean of the sites in the search engines, especially Google. But, if you wish to rank well, rank somewhere near the top rankings in the SERPS, you need to run adsense on your site.

Doesn't matter what is the content on your site, just copy content from somewhere and make your own site and add the adsense script to your pages and earn profits, and see how quickly you reach to the top.

This is not my personal opinion, but the practical fact being experienced in the search industry.

The search engines have totally transformed the definition of "Search Engine Optimization" and scope of "Web Marketing". It will be really smart if we webmaster in the wake of time learn to adapt to the new definitions defined by the search engines themselves. It has been experienced that S.E have been supporting the “Spam” in the SERPs to add up their revenues. Adsense and Adwords are the Google's Revenue Sources.

Hope we could advice such articles for somebody at Google to make them realize what havoc are they creating in our lives.
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