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A few years ago, people who wished to study programming as a hobby had an important decision to make: Which programming language would they study for their first? Many people chose to start with BASIC or Pascal, because they were easier. Indeed, those languages are fairly well-suited to...
Well, I was trying to use regular expressions in Python. I wrote a small script, so I thought I'll will post it and make it open for discussion. As I learn more I'll keep them posted too, and if anyone has any comments please do let me know. #!/usr/bin/python import re print...
Introduction There are two basic methods for sending an email with Python. If a mail server is running on the machine where Python is installed, simply open a pipe to the mail server and write the email as a file to that pipe. This is usually done on *nix type systems such as Linux. ...
In this tutorial we'll be making a small yet effective application rather code snippet to Lookup Any Username on Facebook. The Code Below Uses the Graph API, The Graph API (as defined by Facebook) is the core of Facebook Platform , It allows reading and Writing access to Facebook. It provides a...
Sun Rasterfile also known as Sunrast is an image format developed by Sun Microsystems, It uses a version of Run Length Encoding to compress images. In this tutorial we'll be discussing how Sun Rasterfile's implementation of RLE is different from the basic vanila version and how is it used to...
Run length Encoding also known as RLE is probably the most basic encoding method that's being used in different fields of computing like, Multimedia Formats etc. In this tutorial we'll be looking at how RLE works and a basic python example which implements RLE. How does it works Run length...
Signals are a limited form of inter-process communication, it analogous to hardware interrupts. It is generally used by the operating system to notify processes about certain issues/states/errors, like division by zero, etc. In case, you want to know read more about signals read Signal and...
At times it's possible to complete a batch job using parallel processing using fork instead of threads which needs much more careful planning. On the other hand fork is easy to implement, although it might not be as efficient and flexible as threads. Forking is an important part of *nix design,...
Python being one of the most popular languages, it's being used increasingly used for creating dynamic websites or for specific parts of websites, like Google's support fully runs on Python scripts. But, for this type of usage the ability to access RDBMS is indispensable, although unlike PHP,...
Being in the era of instant updates & notifications one would at some point or the other would need to parse/format date & time, be it any language. Here, we'll see how we can parse & format date/time with Python. Python is natively equipped with the functions to make our job easier, the...
Geolocation software/services are used to find the actual geographic location of an IP address, the geographic information may be accurate till city/ZIP code level. Maxmind's GeoIP is one such provider of IP address geographic information, they have both free and paid data subscriptions which...
Motivation Some time ago, we started looking for an event dispatching framework, with support for python users, that gives our applications the possibility of interconnecting each other. The reason behind this was to design a flexible system of applications that communicate and exchange...